Will blue fences and palmtrees stop the “thing”?

As you might know, there is a new call for a Chinese “Jasmin Revolution” this Sunday in front of  Mac Donalds restaurant in Wangfujing. And here again, the Chinese government is doing its best to preserve stability. By all means.

Last Sunday, this place was covered with journos, policemen and passers-by (see former post). Now there is a huge building site instead and a lot of palmtrees. What a coincidence or what a strange way to stop a protest from happening. I believe it’s kind of social conflict management with Chinese caracteristics. When a protest is coming up comrades, let’s set up a building site !

Inside the construction site: well, workers don’t have  much to do…

It reminds me of Liu Xia’s residence. The maingate has been “under construction” for ages… and it’s not fixed yet.


- Here is another post about this construction site, by McClatchy correspondent Tom Lasseter

- And 3 minutes after this post has been released, this website is blocked by the Great Firewall. Impressive !

- If you are a professionnal media, online or print, you’ll have to purchase these pictures before using them. Please contact me.

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4 Responses to Will blue fences and palmtrees stop the “thing”?

  1. vadc says:

    Voilà une ‘belle’ démonstration de gestion des troubles sociaux.
    Tous au KFC !

  2. bibiche says:

    pourquoi ils utilisent toujours les memes methodes!!
    ces gens-la sont pas creatifs du tout ~~~

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  4. Darcy_W says:

    Thank you for tell the world the truth. Wish I can read French

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