Children and parents in China

“(…) As we stayed in China I realised that no country has greater love for children. The word for ‘good’ in Chinese is a pictograph of a woman next to a child (好).” Fox Butterfield. China, alive in the bitter sea

jordan pouille

Son and dad on Shanghai metro. 05.12.11

jordan pouille

Babies and mothers on Zhoushan port, Zhejiang province. 20.11.11

jordan pouille

Little boy and his grandmother, Ritan park, 19.10.11

jordan pouille

Girl with her father, on Bus n°1, Chang’an avenue, Beijing. 26.11.11

jordan pouille

Young father and his baby, Hongjiannao, Shaanxi province. 02.12.11

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One Response to Children and parents in China

  1. Augis says:

    Adorable pictures.
    Although I can’t believe that you wouldn’t see the same scenes in France…

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