Beijing car park is better than Geneva auto show

People on Weibo say there is no need to attend Fashion week in Paris or London to see “haute-couture” as NPC delegates are showing off their best designers’ outfits. Now, i can tell you there is no need to attend the Geneva auto show to watch the hottest sports and luxury cars – you just need to get lost around Sanlitun Soho underground car park, in Beijing. Who drives that? Beijing correspondent Clifford Coonan has some clue: “The typical buyer of a Lamborghini in China is on average 20 years younger than in Europe, a fact borne out by the vision of what looks like teenagers whizzing about the streets of Beijing and Shanghai in these super cars”

Is there a specialist who could help me to name and estimate these models ?

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4 Responses to Beijing car park is better than Geneva auto show

  1. Rick Barnes says:


    Not a specialist, but recognise those cars :)

    Ferrari 430

    aston martin v8 vantage s

    bentley continental gt

    porsche panamera s

    lamborghini gallardo

    bentley mulsanne

    ferrari 458

  2. admin says:

    thank you Jeremy

  3. admin says:

    Thank you very much Rick.

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