Foxconn kids: the teaser

… or the true cost of your Iphone.

Christmas is getting close and you might have decorated a beautiful small pine tree in the middle of the living room. But what will you offer to your fellows for Christmas? A fancy Ipod Touch, an Ipad or even better an Iphone 4? You don’t have to feel guilty about that. Soon, I will be bringing you into the life of Foxconn kids in Longhua, close to Shenzhen. Hundreds thousands of Chinese young migrant workers whose life is fully devoted to Apple’s products. After a tragic wave of suicides, their income has been highly increased… as well as their productivity. Taiwanese firm Foxconn is the main supplier for Apple, Nokia, Acer, Dell, Sony Ericsson and HP printers. The Foxconn kids series to be released soon. 

pic. Jordan Pouille

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