Delegates at the National People’s Congress meeting.

March the 5th, 2011. Day 1.

At 7h30, I went to Tiannanmen square with France 2 tv correspondent Alain de Chalvron and his talented Chinese producer. As the police was checking Alain’s car, with dogs, videocameras and heat detectors, we walked up to the Parliament. Inside the building, people were “scanned” again and had to wait before Prime Minister start his 2-hours long speech (that was already printed and available in 5 languages). The People’s Daily handed over purple notepads to journalists and Chinese photographers were hunting for colorful delegates (with traditionnal clothes). Let me give you some insights with pictures and quotes from Wen Jiabao.

About countryside:

“We will put great effort into water conservanc, and comprehensively strengthen agricultural and rural infrastructure. We will focus on developing more irrigation and water conservancy projects, harnessing small and medium-sized rivers, reinforcing small reservoirs and faulty and dangerous sluices, and preventing and responding to geological disasters from mountains”. 

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About peasants: “We will energetically improve rural working and living conditions, so that farmers can live in a nice environment”

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On Internet.We will promote demonstrations on how to use the Internet of Things“. Got it? I did not.

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On students: “We  will continue to give high priority to education. We will promote the scientific development of education programs, and provide people with more diverse, more equitable and higher quality education”. 

“We will support the development of education and promote bilingual instruction in ethnic minority areas”

“We will give high priority to guiding students and fostering their ability to think independently, solve practical problems and be innovative”.

“We will strive to create an equitable, open and competitive system as well as social environment in which people are selected on their merits; encourage outstanding people to emerge; and create an environment that encourages talented people to tap their full potential”. (COUGH!)

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About widening gap between rich and poor: “Through unremitting efforts, we will reverse the trend of a widening income gap as soon as possible and ensure that the people trend of a widening income gap as soon as possible and ensure that the people share more in the fruits of reform and development”

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About health: “This year, government subsidies for the new rural cooperative medical care system and medical insurance for non-working urban residents will be increased to 200 yuan per person”.

About One child policy: “We will keep the birthrate low”.

About social turmoil: “We will strengthen the work related to the handling of petitioners’ letters and visits, people’s mediations and administrative mediations; expand the channels for people to report on social conditions and popular sentiment; and effectively solve problems that cause great resentment among the masses, such as unauthorized expropriations of arable land and illegal demolitions of houses”

“We will intensify our information security and secrecy, and improve management of information networks”.

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About corruption:

“We will genuinely increase incorruptibility and self-discipline; conscientiously implement the Code of Building Clean and Honest Government; and implement the system whereby leading cadres regularly report their incomes, real estate and investments, as well as what their spouses and children do and whether their live abroad”.

“Governments at all levels need to work hard to accomplish practical results for the people; and all public servants should genuinely become servants of the people.”

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About the army: “We will consolidate and develop unity between the army and the government and between the army and the people”.

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Conclusion: ” Looking back, we are proud of our extraordinary, glorious achievements, and looking forward, we are even more confident in the splendid futur of our country”.

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