Sunday in Beijing


Jordan Pouille©


^ I only had 3 yuans in my pocket but he would not let me buy anything with that. At least, this tough business man allowed me to take a picture of him.

Jordan Pouille ©


^ The car park day watcher showing his “communist” fan. On the other side, you have notorious PLA officers.

Jordan Pouille ©


^ A new shopping mall is underway in front of crowdy Sanlitun village, next to the empty Soho Sanlitun residential compound.

Jordan Pouille ©


^ Well, another matt Bentley car. I have never seen so many matt luxurious cars elsewhere than in China. Most of the time, owners are 25 years old and delightfully spend their parents’ cash who  have no choice than traveling in these gloomy Audi A6L. If I was British, how would I react?

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