My Beijing

and its Beijingers” should I say. I filmed it with my Canon 5DMII and a 24-105 mm lens, during the past 10 days. I could have filmed more, I could have filmed by night but it would have been endless. So i finally went home, switched on my good old computer and started to edit. It’s not “a year in Beijing”, it’s not “a timelapse of the city” (this one about Hong Kong is amazing). It’s only a video of what i get to see/experience everyday . It’s my Beijing, my city, with sorrow and happiness, with colors and grey, with dust and glitter, with concrete and old stones, with work and laziness, with wealth and poverty, with shopping frenzy and spirituality, with greed and genuine hospitality. A city where change, contrasts and surprises are everywhere your wide-open eyes bring you !

Thanks for watching. Your comments and criticism are much appreciated !!

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