Sofas on the streets of Beijing – Les Canapés de Pékin

A Pékin, les canapés et fauteuils usagés jouissent d’une seconde vie, en extérieur. L’été, ils profitent aux retraités à brassards rouges, les “volontaires civiques” en charge de la surveillance du voisinage, comme aux gardiens de lotissements et de parkings. On pourrait presque dire que ces canapés défraîchis font partie intégrante de l’appareil sécuritaire chinois.

In Beijing, old sofas and armchairs always get to enjoy a second life, an outdoor one. In summertime, they’re being used by retired people with red arm bands, these “civic volunteers” who are watching their neighborhood. But also by the guards of residential compounds and car parks. Technically, we can say that this old furniture is fully part of the Chinese security apparatus.

jordan pouille street sofa beijing

jordan pouille beijing sofa 2

jordan pouille beijing sofa 3

Beijing street sofa 4 jordan pouille

jordan pouille beijinbg street sofa 5

jordan pouille street sofa beijing 6

beijing street sofa jordan pouille 7

jordan pouille beijing street sofa 8If you’re interested in my pictures:

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