Music Industry Addiction Mental Health Peer Support Group


 Our Online Mental Health & Recovery Music Community Peer Support Group. Our community members are musicians, road crew and self identified music industry members who are looking for mental health or addiction recovery support.
Group members will have an opportunity to meet, connect, and share thoughts regarding their life experiences, needs, challenges, concerns, and progress in a supportive and empowering safe-space.


Peer support is emotional and practical support between two or more people who share a common experience, such as a mental health challenge or illness. A Peer Supporter has lived through that similar experience and is trained to support others.

Although peer support is relatively new to the music community, self-help groups and mutual support have been around for many years in practice. In Canada and the USA, peer support in its various forms has been a widely recognized and utilized resource that has been developing since the 1960s. Research has shown that peer-run self-help groups yield improved psychiatric symptoms resulting in decreased hospitalization, more extensive social support networks and enhanced self-esteem and social functioning.

Our peer support groups are run by Ace Piva, a certified addictions worker who’s been involved in the music industry since 1996. Ace knows the ins and outs of the road and its associated pressures and struggles. He’s been there as a musician, tour manager, stage manager, sound engineer, production manager, and addictions recovery coach. And now, he helps others get the peer support they need.