What is Difference between Chinese And Us Shoe Sizesnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp

The main difference between Chinese and US shoe sizes is that the unit of measurement used for shoe sizes. In China, shoes are measured using the metric system, specifically centimeters (cm). This means that when purchasing a pair of shoes in China, you will need to measure your foot in cm then refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

On the other hand, in the United States, shoe sizes are based on inches (in) and use a numerical scale. This means that shoppers simply need to measure their feet in inches and select their desired size from a set of standard measurements ranging from 4-14 for women’s shoes and 6-16 for men’s shoes. To make things more complicated, some brands may also label their products with both units of measurement so it is important to know what type of sizing system is being used before making any purchases.

When shopping for shoes, it’s important to understand the difference between Chinese and US shoe sizes. While both countries use a similar numbered system to denote size, the actual measurements can vary significantly. In China, for instance, an adult’s size 40 is equivalent to a US men’s 7 or women’s 8.5; conversely in the United States one size 40 shoe would fit more like a 9 or 10 for men and 11 or 12 for women.

To make sure you get the right fit when buying shoes from either country it’s always best to measure your feet before purchasing.

What is Difference between Chinese And Us Shoe Sizesnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp

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How Do Chinese Shoe Sizes Compare to Us?

When looking at Chinese shoe sizes compared to US ones, it’s important to note that there is a size conversion. For example, a US Men’s size 8 would be equivalent to a Chinese size 42. The same conversion applies for women with an American women’s size 6 corresponding to a Chinese 36.

It is also worth noting that the conversion between US and UK/European sizes are not the same as those from China, so shoppers should always use caution when purchasing shoes from different countries. Additionally, many online retailers will provide their own specific sizing charts which can help customers find the right fit more easily and accurately.

What is Us Shoe Size in China?

In the United States, shoe sizes typically range from a size 4 for women and a size 6 for men to as large as a size 15 for men or size 17 for women. In China however, shoe sizes are measured using the traditional Chinese system which is based on centimeters (cm). The most common US shoe sizes correspond roughly with these measurements: Women’s US Size 5 = 22 cm; Women’s US Size 8 = 25 cm; Men’s US Size 9 = 27 cm; Men’s US Size 12 = 30.5 cm.

To convert your American shoe size into its equivalent in China, you will need to measure your foot length in inches and then multiply it by 2.54 before looking up the corresponding Chinese measurement online.

How Do You Convert Chinese Size to Us Size?

When converting Chinese sizes to US sizes, it is important to note that the two countries have different sizing systems. In order to accurately convert between the two, you will need to take into account both body measurements and specific clothing size charts. To begin with, find out your own body measurements in centimeters (cm), and then use a conversion chart like this one from China-Shops.com to match those measurements with their corresponding US size.

The converted size may still be slightly different than what you would typically wear due to variations in fit among brands, so always make sure you check the manufacturer’s individual sizing guide before making any purchases.

What is China Shoe Size 40 in Us?

In the United States, a men’s shoe size 40 is equivalent to a US men’s size 7. Women in China who wear a size 40 would typically be wearing an 8.5 in the U.S., while children’s sizes are converted by subtracting 1.5 sizes from the adult Chinese size number (so a child’s Chinese 40 would be equivalent to a 6.5 in the United States). For those with wide or narrow feet, widths should also be taken into account when converting between US and Chinese sizing systems for shoes – as there can often be discrepancies between two different brands of shoe even within one country’s sizing system!


Cn 39 Shoe Size to Us

The conversion of a Cn 39 shoe size to US sizing is not an exact science, as the two systems are based on different measurements. In general, a Cn 39 corresponds to a US women’s size 8 or men’s size 6.5-7. However, due to variation in manufacturers and styles of shoes, it is always best to try the shoes on for proper fit before making your purchase.

What is Cn Shoe Size Women’S

Cn shoe size women’s is a standard for measuring shoes sizes that follows the Chinese system. The Cn system uses centimeters to measure foot length and provides accurate sizing for both men’s and women’s footwear. Unlike other systems, it does not use half-sizes, so customers should round up or down when selecting their desired size.

It is important to consider width when choosing shoes in the Cn system as some styles may fit differently than expected due to the nature of its sizing scale.

What is Cn 38 Shoe Size

Cn 38 shoe size is a common Chinese sizing standard for women’s shoes. It usually translates to a US women’s size 7.5, and the corresponding European size is 38-39. Although it can vary slightly depending on the company or brand producing the shoes, Cn 38 typically provides customers with an accurate estimate of their ideal fit.

Chinese Size to U.S. Shoes

Converting Chinese shoe sizes to U.S. shoe sizes can be confusing because of the different measurements used in each country. In general, a men’s size 8 in China is equivalent to a U.S. men’s size 6 or 7 and a women’s size 8 in China is equivalent to a U.S. women’s size 5 or 6; however, it is best to consult an online conversion chart for exact sizing information as there may be slight variations between brands and manufacturers in both countries.

What is My Size in China?

When shopping for clothes in China, it can be difficult to figure out what size you should buy. Generally speaking, Chinese sizes are smaller than US and European sizes, so if you usually wear a Medium or Large in the US, you may need an XXL or XXXL in China. Additionally, Chinese sizes tend to run slightly narrower than their Western counterparts.

To ensure that your clothes fit properly when shopping from China-based retailers online, take a few measurements of your body and compare them with the sizing chart provided by the retailer before making your purchase.

Chinese Size to Us Clothing

When shopping online, it is important to keep in mind that sizes for clothing from China often run smaller than US sizes. To ensure a proper fit, customers should use the size chart provided by the store and measure their body before ordering. Additionally, shoppers should be aware that many Chinese stores offer free or low-cost shipping but list items as “free size” or “one size fits all,” which usually means extra small or small.

Customers should read product descriptions carefully and check sizing information when available to make sure they select an item that will fit properly.

Cn Shoe Size to Eu

Cn shoe size is a system of measuring the length and width of your foot in order to determine what size shoe you need. It uses centimeters, millimeters, and sometimes even fractions of inches to measure both the length and width. The CN sizing standard corresponds with EU sizes, so if you know your CN size then it’s easy to convert into an EU size by adding 33 or 34 depending on which type of shoes you are looking for.

For example, a CN 36 would be equivalent to a EU 39/40 for men’s shoes or an EU 41 for women’s shoes.


Overall, it is clear that there are significant differences between Chinese and US shoe sizes. While the foot measurements remain relatively the same, knowing how to convert from one system to another can be a challenge. To ensure your shoes fit properly, it is important to become familiar with both systems and make sure you select the appropriate size when buying online or in stores.

With these tips in mind, you can easily find footwear that fits perfectly no matter where you’re shopping.

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